Volunteer Program


Volunteer Program in Atenas, Costa Rica

The Green Pet Foundation offers unique volunteer programs in Costa Rica to enjoy a once in a lifetime ecological and cultural experience.

The volunteer program in Costa Rica has the goal that the participants help us with our socio-environmental work in the town of Atenas, Costa Rica, and that at the same time they can visit the tourist attractions of the zone, learn the Spanish language, share with the families that will house them, plant trees, and at the same time be able to explore other places in Costa Rica.

Program Description:

In groups or individually, The Green Pet Foundation offers the opportunity to volunteer your service, in which you will be able to stay with the family in the community, learn from them, and collaborate with a long list of volunteer activities in the Atenas community, which is considered to possess the best climate in the world.

We have included the following activities for volunteer:


Organic Pure Honey farm "San Isidro Products"


Summary: Small production farm of organic honey in the village of San Isidro in Atenas needs your help, this family has years of experience in extracting honey 100% pure and in the past year have begun with the sale of this high quality product in the entire community. They have also decided to expand their business by offering tours . Come learn with us and help this small business grow and achieve their dreams!


Objective: You will work on this property, create tour trails, interpretive signs, clear areas for tourists, build small roads, create tools necessary for extracting honey, help in the honey cleaning and extractor area and other important activities involved in the production of honey.


Transport to workplace: bus ($1), bus ride lasts 25 minutes.




Summary: This is an small nursery dedicated to growing orchids and other plants, run by a group of women to raise money to help other organizations. Tours are now being offered, and they need your help to make it more attractive to tourists as well as in the care and sale of plants.


Objectives: work with orchids in a greenhouse cared for by women that sell these plants; help in planting, making organic compost, caring for the plants, and helping in the greenhouse.

Transport to workplace: bus ($1), bus ride lasts 35 minutes.





Resort "Los Altos de Dona Cecilia"

Summary: This is a traditional coffee plantation that also offers typical Costa Rican meals as well as guided tours through the plantation. The farm offers an amazing view of the central valley.The goal is to help showcase Costa Rican culture and tradtions, grow the tourism aspect of the farm and provide better service.

Objectives: Volunteers are need to create trials for tourist, make interpretive signs, clear area for tourists, build small roads, create a lookout for tourists, and publish information and publicity material for the farm to grow as major tourist spot in the town of Atenas and especially helping these people eager to work.

Transport to workplace: bus ($1), bus ride lasts 35 minutes.

Organic Estate (bestcoffeetour.com):

Summary: This is another family farm in the Atenas area which produces organic coffee on a small scale. They are also involved in tourism where this family explains the production process of coffee and give tourists a chance to taste different coffee types. They need a lot of help, you can help to make this business a success story of how small farms can succeed.

Objective: Here you can get hands on experience on how to pick coffee, pack the beans, help with the maintenance of the farm trails, create a lookouts for tourists and more.


Transport to workplace: bus ($1), bus ride lasts 25 minutes



Rescuing Nature with Green Pet:


Objective: This project involves cleaning rivers, planting of trees and plants to attract butterflies and other wildlife, construction and installation of bird nest boxes, and labeling trees


1. Trail "mules bridge": cleaning the trails, labeling trees, fixing the trails, reconstruction of rest areas

2. Cleaning and rescue of the Quebrada Matías River in conjunction with public institutions of the town and NGOs of the Atenas community

3. Atenas Municipal Forest in the zone of the town Estanquillos. Maintenance of the trails, creating a lookout for tourists, and more.

Transport to workplace: depends on the place that you wish to apply your volunteer project.






Green Pet offers volunteer programs for the community with social character in Atenas, if you also want to help the community of Atenas we have these projects available:


Railroad Museum:


Summary: The railway museum is a historical treasure of Atenas and we need your help to keep it from deteriorating and losing this part of our history forever. Since Atenas cannot afford a permament staff to maintiain this facility, your help is critical to help save this architectural gem.

Objective: improve the exhibits in the museum, clean the exhibits, remodeling of the infrastructure and more.

Transport to workplace: $2 round-trip to workplace, ride lasts approximately 15 minutes.




Community Home


Summary: This is a foster home where children as young as 3 months old are accepted. They are children of mothers with little resources; often times these single mothers have the sole responsibility to care for their kids. At the community home, these mothers can drop their kids off while they go to work. As a volunteer, you can help take care of these kids as well as help them interact with other children, teach them English, prepare lunch for them, etc.

Objectives: Work with children and work together with the teacher, drawing, painting, singing, playing, etc.

Workplace/Transport: center of town, you can walk to the location from any place where you are house



Work with children between the ages of four and six:


Summary: While the Atenas public shools have kindergardens for children aged between 5-6 years old, these is no budget for English teachers in these classes. We need your help to volunteer as English teachers to teach these children basic English to help them prepare for later higher level classes.

Available Time: 7 AM to 10:30 AM

Available Locations: School kindergartens (Central, Fátima, Los Angles) Fátima - 15 minutes walking to arrive at location Los Angeles - 10 minutes walking to arrive at location or bus ($1)

Objectives: work with the teachers, cut, paste, sing, and more.




Palmares Children’s Home, work with children between the ages of zero and twelve:


Summary: The childrens’ orphan helps children from broken homes, many do not know their parents or have parents who are drug addicts.


Objectives: volunteers are needed to play with the children, teach them basic English, help with homework, etc.

Available Time: bus leaves at 8 AM ($2), bus ride last 45 minutes, arrive at location at approximately 9:30 AM, work ends at 11:45 AM




CEN CINAI (National Headquarters for Education and Nutrition Centers and Centers for Children’s Integral Care ):


Summary: This organization supports single mothers with children to provide childcare while they work a few hours to support their children, usually as maids. Most of the mothers have not completed their schooling so getting good jobs is difficult for them.


Objectives: Work with children between the ages of two and four years, work together with the teacher, drawing, painting, singing, playing, etc.

Workplace/Transport: center of town, you can walk to the location from any place where you are house

Note: only children of school age receive English classes (in school), the other children only receive English from the volunteer program





Handcrafts with Recyclable Trash:


Summary: These handicrafts are made with recyclable waste. Volunteers are needed to help ladies to make them so they can sell these creations to earn much needed income.

Objective: to create objects like cardboard decorations, keyholders, and similar objects, creating information, publicity material and more.


Transport to workplace: bus ride $1 round-trip, ride lasts approximately 20 minutes.




Horse Stables - “The Condor”:


Summary: Work with horses in Atenas. Some people have no place in their home to care for horses. This facility offers low cost stables for people with limited resources to be able to take care of horses that were given to them as gifts are are family heirlooms.

Objectives: work with horses; cleaning the stalls, brushing the horses, riding the horses, feeding them, cutting the grass to make food.

Transport to workplace: bus $1 round-trip, bus ride lasts approximately 20 minutes.




Work with senior citizens – Retirment/Nursing Home:


Summary: This senior citizen home offers adults that have no other place to stay, because their families cannot afford to support them or for other reasons. Volunteers are needed to spend time with time for social and other activities.


Objective: give therapies along with the therapist in charge or if you have experience you can work alone, help with the meals, walks etc.

Workplace/Transport: located in the center of town, no transportation needed




María’s Hostel:

Summary: This hostel is owned and run by Maria, a wonderful person with a big heart who offers a place to live for families with no limited resources. There are 11 elderly people living here, and only 5 of them pay her a small amount to care for them. These people need your help as does Maria to help maintain the facility.

Objective: You will be helping care for elderly people, including bathing, feeding, therapy, and in other ways if qualified. Maria as well as the residents will be very grateful for your time and efforts.

Transport to workplace: there is no bus to the hostel, you should take a taxi ($6) round-trip, ride lasts approximately 10 minutes, if you travel in a group the trip will be cheaper.



Teaching the English to children in the community:

Summary: This is English language instruction for children, youth and adults. Since English is so important in today’s world, and many families cannot afford to pay for English classes for their kids, your volunteer work with help our community of Atenas achieve greater things in life.

Objective: as a volunteer you can teach English (or other languages) to children and other people with limited resources in the community.

Available time: the program coordinator will assign you a place in the center of town for you to give classes.




Summary: This is a workshop for disabled people where they do some work which helps them feel better about themselves by being productive and gaining acceptance within the community. As we know many people discriminate against disabled people, even if it’s a mild disability. By helping out you can make a huge impact in these people’s life and make a friend forever.

Objective: a workshop for the disabled, you can help them by giving physical therapy, recreation, or any other therapy such as drawing with pencils or watercolors.

Transport to workplace: you can walk to the location from any place where you are staying





Note: The 4% of the price paid by the volunteers is used for reforestation program.