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BioArt Photography is a trademark of Green Pet foundation dedicated to photography and sale of paintings with images of nature in Costa Rica, many of these pictures are of hummingbirds. These pictures never have a similar copy shall be exclusive but at a very low price.

For the purchase of each painting, BioArt Photography  donate 1% to the non-profit Green Pet Foundation. For more information about BioArt Photography you can visit the Facebook page by tapping the image above.






Honey of the best climate in the world: Atenas. 100% Pure and Natural Honey. Over 50 years experience in beekeeping.
This honey are 100% organic is produced by bees obtain pollen from a variety of clusters of native trees that are located around the production area.
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Don Leonidas is a grandfather, an illusion, a story, which grew among the coffee and now shares his experience through a product with delicious aroma, delicious taste and excellent quality.

This coffee friend of nature, grows in the shade of lush trees in Atenas, a town surrounded by mountains and considered the best climate in the world, which gives your beans a special touch that makes it unique.

Costa Rica, a country where happiness is common, and coffee tradition, is pleased to share via Café Don Leonidas a bit of their tropical paradise.

Product Central América, harvested and processed in Atenas, Costa Rica.

Email: / Tel: (+506) 88585700

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