Mission and Vision


To plant tree species that are in danger of extinction, along with trees that are not, in idle terrain, of public or private properties, as an alternative to promote sustainability, creating a conscience and responsibility in people to contribute to the environment.


To promote in people the culture of tree planting, and the ability to collaborate with the environment in a responsible and intelligent manner. In the long term, to reach an optimal interaction between trees and their setting, to contribute to rural sustainable development.


  • To cultivate a variety of trees, preferably those that are forgotten and in danger of extinction, with the goal of distributing them door-to-door in idle terrain.

  • To acquire properties with a great quantity of flora and fauna to preserve them and be able to extract varieties of sedes with the purpose of cultivating them.

  • To generate social cohesion to protect our planet and with this diminish the greenhouse effect, natural disasters, extinction of wild species, protect water sources, etc.

  • To créate necessary instruments and mechanisms to guarantee a secure nutrient, promoting rural sustainable development.