The non-profit foundation of Green Pet (legal ID number: 3-006-600296) was founded on the 15th of March, 2010, with viable objectives and projects of urgency.

Why does Green Pet exist?

Green Pet exists because of the infinite list of environmental problems that we are currently facing. Many of these are widely known, others are not.

These problems include flooding, forest fires, landslides, droughts, climatic change, deforestation, loss of hydrating resources, extinction of all types of life forms (which then alters the balance of nature), problems of human health, and social inequality.

In our towns, in our country, in fact in the entire world, these complications are intensified due to the loss of coverage of vegetation, and the accelerated deforestation and contamination that generate the means of production.

The mechanisms to resolve such detriment of flora, fauna, and hydrating resources are few. Many reforestation programs turn out to be insufficient, sometimes pointless and dangerous for that same environment. One cannot solve the problems of deforestation by planting a few species of trees. They all need an opportunity, no matter the size of the tree.

The lack of knowledge of trees in the population is high, especially of trees that bear fruit. Many of the reforestation groups do not take these trees into account. These trees bear fruit of high nutritive value and are indispensable for people’s diet. There are not enough of these trees and they should be grown in a location close to our homes.

Not much information exists for the general population on the mechanisms and forms of reforestation, environmental culture, strategies of waste management, reusable products, and more.

What solutions does Green Pet present and how will it implement them?

Green Pet is an initiative of young Costa Ricans who direct and organize environmental projects. On top of the solutions that were presented previously on this page are: A) Different methodologies of reforestation B) Information and social cohesion on the topic of the environment C) The collaboration with the least favored sectors of society D) The ability to offer people ways to materialize neutral carbón and the neutral climate.


To perform the distribution of the trees and the reforestation, the foundation counts on a satellite tree nursery project. This is attended to by people of the community who were in need of employment.

The distribution of trees attempts to rescue in particular fruit-bearing trees in danger of extinction in order to educate the public.

We will continually implement reforestation in select locations for the people of the foundation, and also for people interested in covering a zone, either in this mountainous área or as a substitution to trees that have died.

The information and education of Green people is one of the keys to changing our destructive ways. Each person should understand the balance that exists in the planet and should worry about the ecosystems that surround us.

For this reason the foundation of distinct forms promotes environmental information, trying to culturalize human beings and guide them with timely, updated, easy-to-understand information so that they generate a collective knowledge.

It all depends on us, together we will achieve change.

Door to Door

The methodology of “Door to Door” consists of giving trees to each house, or giving them away at environmental markets so that people can take them home.

Two information cards are provided with each tree. These cards will provide information on the species of the tree, instructions on how to plant it, information on the foundation and sponsors who support the contribution.(Download the calendar here: Calendar)

Examples of the cards:




Most of the trees that are given to homes are trees that bear fruit. This is so that we are able to rescue many of the trees that are facing the danger of extinction and also so that we can provide the household a tree that grows wonderful, healthy food.

If one decides not to plant the tree on his own land, we ask that he plant it in another area where it can receive the attention it needs in order to continue to live. We ask that the people value the effort that we are making to aid in the fight for our environment.     


Green Pet Foundation restores integrally, meaning that we take into account many tree species that respond well to our specific environment and climate.

Reforestation is being done in all types of terrain in our area, from high mountains, to river shores and other idle terrain with the help of our volunteers.

Green Pet is in charge of selecting adequate properties and is in accordance with the owners of these properties.

If you desire to provide reforestation on your own private property or a public space please contact us so that we can provide you with the information that you need.


How gets Green Pet the trees?

With the project "Satellites Green Houses" Green Pet helps communities economically and the foundation get trees that are used for reforestation projects.

Here explains the methodology of the project:





A) Green Pet collect seeds of native species with the help of volunteers and friends of the foundation, with the money he has raised product tree donations reinvested in the purchase of bags for trees.

B) The seeds and plastic bags are assigned to poor people who want to collaborate with the foundation. These people are in charge of play and care the trees, up to a height needed to be planted.

C) The people selected deliver the trees to Green Pet Foundation, and Green Pet pay a token sum to people for their work.

D) Green Pet giving the trees in reforestation and social events to obtain a small grant from the beneficiaries. This money is used to initiate a new cycle of satellite Green Houses.